한국과학기술한림원 (The Korean Academy of Science and Technology, KAST)

Recent papers

Oral administration of CU06-1004 attenuates vascular permeability and stabilizes neovascularization in retinal vascular diseases
European Journal of Pharmacology 2023, 939.
Endothelial PTP4A1 mitigates vascular inflammation via USF1/A20 axis-mediated NF-κB inactivation
Cardiovascular Research 2023, 119 (5), 1265–1278.
CU06-1004 alleviates vascular hyperpermeability in a murine model of hereditary angioedema by protecting the endothelium
Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2023.
Efficacy of CU06-1004 via regulation of inflammation and endothelial permeability in LPS-induced acute lung injury
Journal of Inflammation (United Kingdom) 2023, 20 (1).
Long-term administration of CU06-1004 ameliorates cerebrovascular aging and BBB injury in aging mouse model
Fluids and Barriers of the CNS 2023, 20 (1).
Realization of Stacked-Ring Aromaticity in a Water-Soluble Micellar Capsule
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145 (4), 2135–2141.
Ultrafast Excited State Aromatization in Dihydroazulene
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145 (3), 1638–1648.
Cyclic Carbaporphyrin Arrays
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145 (5), 3047–3054.
Ligand Coupling and Decoupling Modulates Stem Cell Fate
Advanced Functional Materials 2023, 33 (8).
Modulation of Macrophages by In Situ Ligand Bridging
Advanced Functional Materials 2023.
Cancer Cell-Specific Fluorescent Prodrug Delivery Platforms
Advanced Science 2023.
THQ–Xanthene: An Emerging Strategy to Create Next-Generation NIR-I/II Fluorophores
Advanced Science 2023.
Engineered Metallacycle-Based Supramolecular Photosensitizers for Effective Photodynamic Therapy
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023, 62 (15).
A rational design of AIE-active fluorophore for the fingerprint optical detection
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2023.
Construction of a 980 nm laser-activated Pt(II) metallacycle nanosystem for efficient and safe photo-induced bacteria sterilization
Science China Chemistry 2023, 66 (1), 155–163.
NIR-II thiopyrylium dyads guided photodynamic inactivation of Coronavirus
Science China Chemistry 2023.
Regulating the microenvironment with nanomaterials: Potential strategies to ameliorate COVID-19
Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B 2023.
Covalent organic framework nanomedicines: Biocompatibility for advanced nanocarriers and cancer theranostics applications
Bioactive Materials 2023, 21, 358–380.
Codoping g-C 3 N 4 with boron and graphene quantum dots: Enhancement of charge transfer for ultrasensitive and selective photoelectrochemical detection of dopamine
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2023, 224.
Engineering of BODIPY-based theranostics for cancer therapy
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 476.
RNA splicing based on reporter genes system: Detection, imaging and applications
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 477.
Photo-controllable biochemistry: Exploiting the photocages in phototherapeutic window
Chem 2023, 9 (1), 29–64.
An acid-activatable nanosensitizer library realizes tunable pyroptosis activation in tumors
Matter 2023, 6 (1), 15–18.
Photoactivation of Boronic Acid Prodrugs via a Phenyl Radical Mechanism: Iridium(III) Anticancer Complex as an Example
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023.
Photon-Controlled Pyroptosis Activation (PhotoPyro): An Emerging Trigger for Antitumor Immune Response
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145 (11), 6007–6023.
Wavelength engineerable porous organic polymer photosensitizers with protonation triggered ROS generation
Nature Communications 2023, 14 (1).
Illuminating anti-ageing
Nature Chemistry 2023, 15 (4), 451–452.
Thermal immuno-nanomedicine in cancer
Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology 2023, 20 (2), 116–134.
The design of small-molecule prodrugs and activatable phototherapeutics for cancer therapy
Chemical Society Reviews 2023.
Cu(ii)-BODIPY photosensitizer for CAIX overexpressed cancer stem cell therapy
Chemical Science 2023.
Recent developments in carbon dots: a biomedical application perspective
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2023, 11 (14), 3038–3053.
A post-synthetically modified porous organic polymer for photocatalytic water purification
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 2023, 7 (10), 2085–2092.
A dual-action niclosamide-based prodrug that targets cancer stem cells and inhibits TNBC metastasis
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of 2023, 120 (21).
Biologically inspired nonheme iron complex-catalyzed cis-dihydroxylation of alkenes modeling Rieske dioxygenases
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 477.
A cobalt(II) porphyrin with a tethered imidazole for efficient oxygen reduction and evolution electrocatalysis
Journal of Energy Chemistry 2023, 76, 617–621.
Seeing the cis-Dihydroxylating Intermediate: A Mononuclear Nonheme Iron-Peroxo Complex in cis-Dihydroxylation Reactions Modeling Rieske Dioxygenases
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145 (8), 4389–4393.
Hydrogen Bonding-Assisted and Nonheme Manganese-Catalyzed Remote Hydroxylation of C-H Bonds in Nitrogen-Containing Molecules
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145 (9), 5456–5466.
A Manganese Compound I Model with a High Reactivity in the Oxidation of Organic Substrates and Water
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023.
Theoretical investigation on the elusive structure-activity relationship of bioinspired high-valence nickel-halogen complexes in oxidative fluorination reactions
Dalton Transactions 2023.
Redox catalysis via photoinduced electron transfer
Chemical Science 2023.
Catalytic production of hydrogen peroxide and its fuel cells with metalloporphyrins, metallophthalocyanines, and analogs
Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines 2023.
Numerical simulation of ball milling reactor for novel ammonia synthesis under ambient conditions
Energy 2023, 263.
Enantioselective protonation of monofluorinated silyl enol ethers by cooperative cation-binding catalysis
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2023.
Direct Observation of Off-Stoichiometry-Induced Phase Transformation of 2D CdSe Quantum Nanosheets
Advanced Science 2023.
Low temperature synthesis of new highly graphitized N-doped carbon for Pt fuel cell supports, satisfying DOE 2025 durability standards for both catalyst and support
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2023, 323.
Ecofriendly AgBiS 2 Nanocrystal Photoanode for Highly Efficient Visible-Light-Driven Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2023.
Magnesium: properties and rich chemistry for new material synthesis and energy applications
Chemical Society Reviews 2023.
Active and stable PtP 2 -based electrocatalysts solve the phosphate poisoning issue of high temperature fuel cells
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2023.
Self-Assembly Induced Photosensitization of Long-Tailed Heavy-Atom-Free BODIPY Derivatives for Photodynamic Therapy
Advanced Healthcare Materials 2023.
BODIPY as a Multifunctional Theranostic Reagent in Biomedicine: Self-Assembly, Properties, and Applications
Advanced Materials 2023.
ESIPT-Inspired Dual-Mode Photoswitches with Fast Molecular Isomerization in the Solid State
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023, 62 (15).
Cancer Immunotherapy Elicited by Immunogenic Cell Death Based on Smart Nanomaterials
Small Methods 2023.
Prospects of coupled iron-based nanostructures in preclinical antibacterial therapy
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2023, 193.
Recent progress of TP/NIR fluorescent probes for metal ions
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 2023, 75.
Smart AIEgens promise effective theranostics
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 477.
Recent advances in extracellular vesicle-based organic nanotherapeutic drugs for precision cancer therapy
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 479.
A tyrosinase-activated Pt(II) complex for melanoma photodynamic therapy and fluorescence imaging
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2023, 374.
Observing hydrogen sulfide in the endoplasmic reticulum of cancer cells and zebrafish by using an activity-based fluorescent probe
Chemical Communications 2023, 59 (17), 2493–2496.
Noncancerous disease-targeting AIEgens
Chemical Society Reviews 2023.
Imidazole-carbazole conjugate for two-photon-excited photodynamic therapy and fluorescence bioimaging
Chemical Communications 2023, 59 (30), 4503–4506.
Monitoring a tumor-targeting BODIPY-based theranostic nanomaterial with photoacoustic imaging
Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE 2023, 12379.
Phthalocyanine-based Targetable Photothermal Theragnostic Contrast Agent for Photoacoustic Imaging and Photothermal Therapy
Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE 2023, 12379.
Albumin-binding photosensitizer capable of targeting glioma via the SPARC pathway
Biomaterials Research 2023, 27 (1).
Regulating Cu atom orbital state on self-built photogate catalyst for improving HCOOH selectivity of CO 2 reduction
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2023, 324.
Tuning Hydrophilicity of Aluminum MOFs by a Mixed-Linker Strategy for Enhanced Performance in Water Adsorption-Driven Heat Allocation Application
Advanced Science 2023.
Adsorptive processes for the recovery of VCM emissions using an environmentally friendly MIL-100(Fe) MOF
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2023, 352.
Preparation and applications of metal–organic frameworks composed of sulfonic acid
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 474.
MOFs with bridging or terminal hydroxo ligands: Applications in adsorption, catalysis, and functionalization
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 475.
Exploration of metal organic frameworks and covalent organic frameworks for energy-related applications
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 477.
Metal-organic frameworks composed of nitro groups: Preparation and applications in adsorption and catalysis
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 451.
Adsorptive removal of carbazole from model esterified bio-oil composed of methyl laurate by using metal–organic frameworks functionalized with sulfonic acid both on metal and linker sites
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 453.
Carbon-supported vanadium nitride catalyst, prepared from urea-loaded MIL-100(V) in the absence of external ammonia flow, having good performance in oxidative desulfurization
Journal of Cleaner Production 2023, 384.
Adsorptive removal of aromatic diamines from water using metal-organic frameworks functionalized with a nitro group
Journal of Hazardous Materials 2023, 443.
Microwave-assisted rapid synthesis of nanosized SSZ-13 zeolites for effective conversion of ethylene to propylene
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2023.
A spatially multiplexed voltammetric magneto-sandwich assay involving Fe 3 O 4 /Fe-based metal-organic framework for dual liver cancer biomarkers
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2023, 380.
Molecular Photothermal Effects on Time-Resolved IR Spectroscopy: Solute-Solvent Intermolecular Energy Transfer
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2023, 127 (1), 300–307.
Discriminating Congested Vibrational Peaks of Condensed Organic Materials with Time- and Frequency-Resolved Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Spectroscopy
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2023.
Orientation-Dependent Image Dipole Interaction for the Tuning of the Excitonic Properties of CdSe Nanoplatelets
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2023, 127 (4), 1937–1943.
Micro-Raman spectroscopic analysis of liquid-liquid phase separation
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2023.
Two-color infrared photothermal microscopy
Analyst 2023, 148 (10), 2395–2402.
Axial profiling of interferometric scattering enables an accurate determination of nanoparticle size
Optics Express 2023, 31 (6), 10101–10113.
Prolonging exciton lifetime of WSe 2 monolayer through image dipole interaction leading to huge enhancement of photocurrent
Nanophotonics 2023, 12 (4).
Cross-linked polystyrene and polydivinylbenzene release significant amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrogen at ambient temperature
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2023, 44 (4), 353–357.
Map of 20 reactions that take place during vapor–solid phase photocatalytic dehydrogenation of ethanol on metal-loaded TiO 2
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2023, 44 (4), 358–362.
Anchoring catalytically active species on alumina via surface hydroxyl group for durable surface reaction
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2023, 325.