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Recent papers

Improved surface passivation of lead sulfide quantum dots using less sterically crowded alkylammonium iodides
Applied Surface Science 2023, 610.
A robust antibody discovery platform for difficult-to-express G protein-coupled receptors
Protein Science 2023, 32 (1).
Novel bispecific human antibody platform specifically targeting a fully open spike conformation potently neutralizes multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants
Antiviral Research 2023, 212.
Generation and Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Characterization of a Large Human Combinatorial Antibody Library
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2023, 24 (6).
Development and Characterization of Phage Display-Derived Monoclonal Antibodies to the S2 Domain of Spike Proteins of Wild-Type SARS-CoV-2 and Multiple Variants
Viruses 2023, 15 (1).
Liquid-diffusion electrode with core-shell structured mixed metal oxide catalyst for near-zero polarization in chlor-alkali electrolysis
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2023, 322.
Layer-by-layer assembly of 1-D photonic crystal for wavelength-selective optical filter
Applied Surface Science 2023, 611.
Heterostructured mixed metal oxide electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Frontiers in Chemistry 2023, 11.
Overcoming the Trade-Off between Optical Transmittance and Areal Capacitance of Transparent Supercapacitors for Practical Application
Small 2023.
Enhanced Stretchability and Resilience of PVA-Sucrose Composite Hydrogel and Its Application to All-In-One Supercapacitors
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2023, 6 (1), 537–545.
Carbon Nanocluster-Mediated Nanoblending Assembly for Binder-Free Energy Storage Electrodes with High Capacities and Enhanced Charge Transfer Kinetics
Advanced Science 2023.
Stabilized Perovskite Quantum Dot Solids via Nonpolar Solvent Dispersible Covalent Ligands
Advanced Science 2023.
A Furan-Substituted Polymeric Hole-Transporting Material for Energy Level Regulation and Less Planarity in Colloidal Quantum Dot Solar Cells
Energy and Environmental Materials 2023.
A Top-Down Strategy for Reforming the Characteristics of NiO Hole Transport Layer in Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells
Solar RRL 2023.
Enhanced Open-Circuit Voltage of Eco-Friendly Silver Bismuth Iodide Thin-Film Photovoltaics with PTB7 Polymer-Based Hole Transport Layer
Electronic Materials Letters 2023.
All-in-one structured textile energy storage electrodes prepared via Janus bond assembly-induced electrodeposition
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 454.
Room-temperature stable CsPbI 3 perovskite quantum dots prepared by layer-by-layer assembly for photonic synapse
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2023, 960.
Infrared-harvesting colloidal quantum dot inks for efficient photovoltaics: Impact of surface chemistry and device engineering
Journal of Materials Science and Technology 2023, 147, 224–240.
Ecofriendly AgBiS 2 Nanocrystal Photoanode for Highly Efficient Visible-Light-Driven Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2023.
Zero Dimensional-Two Dimensional Hybrid Photodetectors Using Multilayer MoS 2 and Lead Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots with a Tunable Bandgap
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2023, 15 (4), 5432–5438.
Tailoring Rigid Segments in Dopant-Free Polymeric Hole Transport Materials for Perovskite Quantum Dot Solar Cells
ACS Energy Letters 2023, 8 (4), 1839–1847.
Poly(ether ether ketone)-Induced Surface Modification of Polyethylene Separators for Li-Ion Batteries
Energies 2023, 16 (2).
Surface Functionalization of Indium Tin Oxide Electrodes by Self-assembled Monolayers for Direct Assembly of Pre-synthesized SnO 2 Nanocrystals as Electron Transport Layers
Electronic Materials Letters 2023.
Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of laser-powder bed fusion processed 316L stainless steel with an ultrasonic-nanocrystalline surface modification
Materials Science and Engineering A 2023, 862.
Virtual surface morphology generation of Ti-6Al-4V directed energy deposition via conditional generative adversarial network
Virtual and Physical Prototyping 2023, 18 (1).
Fabrication of Printable Colorimetric Food Sensor Based on Hydrogel for Low-Concentration Detection of Ammonia
Biosensors 2023, 13 (1).
Effects of forming gas annealing on the doping of monolayer MoS 2 crystals
Current Applied Physics 2023, 48, 29–33.
Engineered molecular stacking crystallinity of bar-coated TIPS-pentacene/polystyrene films for organic thin-film transistors
RSC Advances 2023, 13 (4), 2700–2706.
Textile-based flexible copper sulfide electrode via low-temperature all-solution process for electrochemical capacitor
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2023, 941.
Design of experiment (DoE)-based formulation design of bepotastine sustained-release tablet and in vitro-in vivo pharmacokinetic correlation
Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation 2023.
A Study on The Synthesis of Camostat Mesylate Using Vilsmeier-Haack Reaction
Applied Chemistry for Engineering 2022, 33 (4), 440–443.
Photodissociation of acetone revisited: Femtosecond transient absorption of S 1 state and highly excited Rydberg state in the gas phase
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022, 43 (5), 724–730.
Optically pumped and matrix-assisted anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 2022, 53 (5), 924–933.
Photoelectron Spectroscopy of OH − -Anion–Water Clusters Generated by Ultrasonic Nebulizer
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022, 23 (8).
Fabrication of SiN x Nanopore Filters Using Combined Process of Nanoimprint and Dual-Side Aligned Photolithography for Purified Cs 3 MnBr 5 Green Phosphors
Advanced Materials Technologies 2022, 7 (7).
Single and Dual Doping of Blue-Emissive ZnSeTe Quantum Dots with Transition Metal Ions
Advanced Optical Materials 2022, 10 (2).
Estimation of melatonin level and core body temperature: heart rate and heart rate variability as circadian rhythm markers
Biological Rhythm Research 2022.
Expression of Concern: Activation of NF-κB by alloferon through down-regulation of antioxidant proteins and IκBα (Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, (2008), 313, 1-2, (91-102), 10.1007/s11010-008-97
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2022.
Tunable and scalable fabrication of block copolymer-based 3D polymorphic artificial cell membrane array
Nature Communications 2022, 13 (1).
An internalizing antibody targeting of cell surface GRP94 effectively suppresses tumor angiogenesis of colorectal cancer
Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy 2022, 150.
Pharmacokinetic evaluation of radiolabeled intraocular anti-CLEC14a antibody in preclinical animal species and application in humans
Clinical and Translational Science 2022.
Development and Characterization of Phage-Display-Derived Novel Human Monoclonal Antibodies against the Receptor Binding Domain of SARS-CoV-2
Biomedicines 2022, 10 (12).
Bispecific Antibody-Based Immune-Cell Engagers and Their Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Cancer Immunotherapy
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022, 23 (10).
A Fully‐Human Antibody Specifically Targeting a Membrane‐Bound Fragment of CADM1 Potentiates the T Cell‐Mediated Death of Human Small‐Cell Lung Cancer Cells
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022, 23 (13).
Controlling Multiple Active Sites on Pd−CeO 2 for Sequential C−C Cross-coupling and Alcohol Oxidation in One Reaction System
ChemCatChem 2022, 14 (4).
Highly active and stable catalyst with exsolved PtRu alloy nanoparticles for hydrogen production via commercial diesel reforming
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2022, 316.
Experimental and DFT studies on the equilibrium properties, kinetics, and mechanism of nitric oxide removal using metal-EDTA and ferrous thiochelates
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 431.
Reduced graphene oxide as a charge reservoir of manganese oxide: Interfacial interaction promotes charge storage property of MnO x -based micro-supercapacitors
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 439.
Metal-Organic framework catalysts: A versatile platform for bioinspired electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 446.
Fabrication of laser-induced graphene-based multifunctional sensing platform for sweat ion and human motion monitoring
Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical 2022, 334.
Physically driven enhancement of the stability of Bi 2 O 3 -based ionic conductors via grain boundary engineering
NPG Asia Materials 2022, 14 (1).
Toward economical application of carbon capture and utilization technology with near-zero carbon emission
Nature Communications 2022, 13 (1).
Large-area perovskite solar cells employing spiro-Naph hole transport material
Nature Photonics 2022, 16 (2), 119–125.
Electronic interaction between transition metal single-atoms and anatase TiO 2 boosts CO 2 photoreduction with H 2 O
Energy and Environmental Science 2022, 15 (2), 601–609.
Ni single atoms on carbon nitride for visible-light-promoted full heterogeneous dual catalysis
Chemical Science 2022.
Shell isolated nanoparticle enhanced Raman spectroscopy for mechanistic investigation of electrochemical reactions
Nano Convergence 2022, 9 (1).
Green Synthesis of Laser-Induced Graphene with Copper Oxide Nanoparticles for Deicing Based on Photo-Electrothermal Effect
Nanomaterials 2022, 12 (6).
Self-boosting non-hydrolytic synthesis of Cl-passivated SnO 2 nanocrystals for universal electron transport material of next-generation solar cells
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 435.
Trade-off between areal capacitance and optical transmittance of highly transparent MnO 2 electrodes for supercapacitors
Journal of Energy Storage 2022, 50.
Improvement of Dynamic Performance and Detectivity in Near-Infrared Colloidal Quantum Dot Photodetectors by Incorporating Conjugated Polymers
Molecules 2022, 27 (21).
Charge-Selective, Narrow-Gap Indium Arsenide Quantum Dot Layer for Highly Stable and Efficient Organic Photovoltaics
Advanced Energy Materials 2022.
High-Performance Perovskite Quantum Dot Solar Cells Enabled by Incorporation with Dimensionally Engineered Organic Semiconductor
Nano-Micro Letters 2022, 14 (1).
Single-step-fabricated perovskite quantum dot photovoltaic absorbers enabled by surface ligand manipulation
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 448.
A small-molecule-templated nanostructure back electrode for enhanced light absorption and photocurrent in perovskite quantum dot photovoltaics
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022.
Surface modification of aluminum and silicon carbide during the nitrogen-induced self-forming Al composite (NISFAC) manufacturing process
Journal of Materials Science 2022, 57 (38), 18025–18036.
Microstructure, Mechanical Behavior, and Thermal Conductivity of Three-Dimensionally Interconnected Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Reinforced Cu-Ni Composite
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 2022, 31 (4), 2792–2800.
Combined data-driven model for the prediction of thermal properties of Ni-based amorphous alloys
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 2022, 16, 129–138.
Erratum: Effect of interfacial bridging atoms on the strength of Al/CNT composites: Machine-learning-based prediction and experimental validation (J Mater Res Technol (2022) 17 (1770-1776) DOI: 10.101
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 2022, 18, 5451–0.
Mechanism for self-formation of Al matrix composites using nitridation-induced manufacturing processes
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 2022, 18, 2331–2342.
Low-Temperature synthesis of high-purity AlN from Al powder
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 2022, 21, 4526–4536.
Design of metastable complex-concentrated alloys through composition tailoring
Materials and Design 2022, 224.
Synthesis of high-entropy alloy thin films via grain boundary diffusion–assisted solid-state alloying
Scripta Materialia 2022, 207.
Preparation of Al/AlN composites by in-situ reaction in the nitridation-induced self-forming process
Journal of Composite Materials 2022, 56 (24), 3653–3658.
Optimization of Densification Behavior of a Soft Magnetic Powder by Discrete Element Method and Machine Learning
Materials Transactions 2022, 63 (10), 1304–1309.
Analysis of Powder Compaction Process Using Multi-Particle Finite Element Method
Materials Transactions 2022, 63 (11), 1576–1582.
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 2022, 67 (4), 1543–1546.
Lithium Superionic Conduction in BH 4 -Substituted Thiophosphate Solid Electrolytes
Advanced Science 2022.
Synthesis and electrochemical analysis of Sn 2 Fe-TiO x -C composite as a high-performance anode material for Li-ion batteries
Ceramics International 2022, 48 (1), 597–603.
Synthesis of Si-Zn 2 SiO 4 composite as Li-ion battery anodes and its electrochemical mechanism analysis
Electrochemistry Communications 2022, 138.
Surfactant-derived porous Sn 2 Nb 2 O 7 -graphene oxide composite as Li- and Na-ion storage materials
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2022, 910.
Computational design of Mg alloys with minimal galvanic corrosion
Journal of Magnesium and Alloys 2022, 10 (7), 1972–1980.
Nano-spatially stable Si 2 O composite and its balanced electrochemical performance for Li rechargeable batteries
Journal of Power Sources 2022, 519.
Water stable and matrix addressable OLED fiber textiles for wearable displays with large emission area
npj Flexible Electronics 2022, 6 (1).
Versatile Fe 2 GeS 4 for Li/Na-Fe 2 GeS 4 battery cathodes and Li/Na-ion battery anodes
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022.
Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of FexNbS2/C Composites as an Anode Material for Li Secondary Batteries
Corrosion Science and Technology 2022, 21 (4), 250–257.
Effects of the PbBr 2 :PbI 2 Molar Ratio on the Formation of Lead Halide Thin Films, and the Ratio’s Application for High Performance and Wide Bandgap Solar Cells
Materials 2022, 15 (3).
Influence of Mechanical Fatigue at Different States of Charge on Pouch-Type Li-Ion Batteries
Materials 2022, 15 (16).
A Newly Developed Non-Cyanide Electroless Gold Plating Method Using Thiomalic Acid as a Complexing Agent and 2-Aminoethanethiol as a Reducing Agent
Corrosion Science and Technology 2022, 21 (2), 89–99.
A phase field model combined with a genetic algorithm for polycrystalline hafnium zirconium oxide ferroelectrics
Nanoscale 2022, 14 (40), 14997–15009.
Factors that control stability, variability, and reliability issues of endurance cycle in ReRAM devices: A phase field study
Journal of Applied Physics 2022, 131 (18).
Oxide Dissolution Mediated Formation of Conducting Filament in ReRAM Devices: A Phase Field Study
Materials Transactions 2022, 63 (12), 1662–1669.
Investigation of the Compressive Behavior of a Freeze-Cast Cu Foam Using Acoustic Emission Measurement
Advanced Engineering Materials 2022, 24 (1).
Layered metal chalcogenide of SnSe nanosheets integrated with 2D-hexagonal boron nitride for accurate and low-level detection of nitrofurazone
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022.
Mesoporous SnSe 2 -grafted N-doped carbon composites with integrated flaky structure for electrochemical sensing of carbendazim
Ceramics International 2022, 48 (11), 16023–16032.
Mechanical behavior of freeze-cast Ti foams with varied porosity
Materials Science and Engineering A 2022, 855.
Optimization of Laser-Powder Bed Fusion Processed Fe–4.5Si Alloy via Response Surface Methodology
Steel Research International 2022.
Experimental and Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Study of the Deformation Behavior of High-Mn Steel Micropillars
Steel Research International 2022.
Microstructural Effects on J-Integral Fracture Toughness of Welded High-Mn Steels at 298 and 77 K
Steel Research International 2022.
Effect of Build Angle on Surface Roughness of High-Speed Selective Laser Melted Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2022.
Effects of Laser Power on the Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Ti–6Al–4V Alloy Manufactured by Direct Energy Deposition
Metals and Materials International 2022, 28 (1), 197–204.
Selective Laser Melting Process for Sensor Embedding into SUS316L with Heat Dissipative Inner Cavity Design
Metals and Materials International 2022, 28 (1), 297–305.
Correction to: Selective Laser Melting Process for Sensor Embedding into SUS316L with Heat Dissipative Inner Cavity Design (Metals and Materials International, (2022), 28, 1, (297-305), 10.1007/s12540
Metals and Materials International 2022, 28 (1), 306–0.
Fe 55 Co 17.5 Ni 10 Cr 12.5 Mo 5 High-Entropy Alloy with Outstanding Cryogenic Mechanical Properties Driven by Deformation-Induced Phase Transformation Behavior
Metals and Materials International 2022.
Accelerated Design of High-Efficiency Lead-Free Tin Perovskite Solar Cells via Machine Learning
International Journal of Precision Engineering and 2022.
Effects of deformation-induced martensitic transformation on cryogenic fracture toughness for metastable Si 8 V 2 Fe 45 Cr 10 Mn 5 Co 30 high-entropy alloy
Acta Materialia 2022, 225.
Ultrastrong and stress corrosion cracking-resistant martensitic steels
Acta Materialia 2022, 239.
Transformation-induced plasticity in the heterogeneous microstructured Ti-Zr-Nb-Sn alloy via in-situ alloying with directed energy deposition
Additive Manufacturing 2022, 58.
Development of artificial neural networks software for arsenic adsorption from an aqueous environment
Environmental Research 2022, 203.
High strength aluminum alloys design via explainable artificial intelligence
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2022, 903.
Effect of heat treatment conditions on the plastic deformation behavior of the Inconel 706 alloy
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 2022, 21, 2145–2155.
On the stacking fault forming probability and stacking fault energy in carbon-doped 17 at% Mn steels via transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography
Journal of Materials Science and Technology 2022, 115, 177–188.
A feasible route to produce 1.1 GPa ferritic-based low-Mn lightweight steels with ductility of 47%
Journal of Materials Science and Technology 2022, 117, 225–237.
Dislocation-aided electrochemical behavior of precipitates in stress corrosion cracking of Al–Zn–Mg–Cu alloys
Materials Characterization 2022, 190.
Evolution of nanosized Cu-rich clusters in a Fe–15Cu–15Ni alloy produced by laser powder bed fusion
Materials Science and Engineering A 2022, 832.
Mechanical properties and microstructural evolution of high-pressure torsion-processed Al7075 alloy at elevated temperatures
Materials Science and Engineering A 2022, 835.
Post-annealing effect on the tensile deformation mechanism of a Ti–6Al–4V alloy manufactured via directed energy deposition
Materials Science and Engineering A 2022, 836.
Direct observation of chemical short-range order in 25 wt% Mn steel via transmission electron microscopy
Scripta Materialia 2022, 213.
Mechanically derived short-range order and its impact on the multi-principal-element alloys
Nature Communications 2022, 13 (1).
Laser powder bed fusion for AI assisted digital metal components
Virtual and Physical Prototyping 2022, 17 (4), 806–820.
Quantitative analysis of retained austenite in Nb added Fe-based alloy
Applied Microscopy 2022, 52 (1).
Low-cost sedimentation deposition of boron nanoparticle films for thermal neutron detection applications
Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical 2022, 344.
A high sensitivity acetone gas sensor based on polyaniline-hydroxypropyl methylcellulose core-shell-shaped nanoparticles
Nanoscale Advances 2022, 4 (24), 5312–5319.
Acetone Gas Sensor Based on SWCNT/Polypyrrole/ Phenyllactic Acid Nanocomposite with High Sensitivity and Humidity Stability
Biosensors 2022, 12 (5).
Unravelling Disorder Effects on Thermoelectric Properties of Semicrystalline Polymers in a Wide Range of Doping Levels
Small Methods 2022.
Heat dissipation of underlying multilayered graphene layers grown on Cu–Ni alloys for high-performance interconnects
Applied Surface Science 2022, 583.
Additive effect of graphene oxide on the formation of blue emissive CsPbBr 3 nanoplates
Applied Surface Science 2022, 584.
Solar-driven enhanced chemical adsorption and interfacial evaporation using porous graphene-based spherical composites
Chemosphere 2022, 291.
Performance enhancement of multilayer MoS 2 phototransistors via photoresist encapsulation
Current Applied Physics 2022, 41, 14–17.
Decreased n-type behavior of monolayer MoS 2 crystals annealed in sulfur atmosphere
Current Applied Physics 2022, 42, 38–42.
Performance enhancement of WS 2 transistors via double annealing
Microelectronic Engineering 2022, 255.
Tunable, stable, and reversible n-type doping of MoS 2 via thermal treatment in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone
Nanotechnology 2022, 33 (50).
Recent progress in liquid embolic agents
Biomaterials 2022, 287.
NIR triggered NaYF 4 :Yb 3+ ,Tm 3+ @NaYF 4 /CsPb(Br 1-x /I x ) 3 composite for up-converted white-light emission and dual-model anti-counterfeiting applications
Materials Today Chemistry 2022, 23.
Enhanced Chemodynamic Therapy by Cu-Fe Peroxide Nanoparticles: Tumor Microenvironment-Mediated Synergistic Fenton Reaction
ACS Nano 2022, 16 (2), 2535–2545.
Highly luminescent dual-phase CsPbBr 3 /Cs 4 PbBr 6 microcrystals for a wide color gamut for backlight displays
Nanoscale 2022, 14 (47), 17789–17801.
One-pot Synthesis of Multifunctional Mn 3 O 4 /mesoporous Silica Core/shell Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
Applied Chemistry for Engineering 2022, 33 (1), 113–118.
Synthesis of Highly Monodisperse Nickel and Nickel Phosphide Nanoparticles
Nanomaterials 2022, 12 (18).
Serendipitous Doping in Nickel Oxide upon Microwave-Induced Low-Temperature Crystallization Enhances Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells
Solar RRL 2022, 6 (2).
Tailoring Luminescent Solar Concentrators for High-Performance Flexible Double-Junction III-V Photovoltaics
Advanced Functional Materials 2022.
Searching for an Optimal Multi-Metallic Alloy Catalyst by Active Learning Combined with Experiments
Advanced Materials 2022.
High β-phase Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Using a Thermally Decomposable Molecular Splint
Advanced Electronic Materials 2022.
Alcohol-sensing microfiber: Dependence of conductance of a hydrated composite fiber on normal aliphatic alcohol
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 430.
Corrigendum to “Alcohol-sensing microfiber: Dependence of conductance of a hydrated composite fiber on normal aliphatic alcohol” [Chem. Eng. J. 430 (2022) 132681] (Chemical Engineering Journal (2022)
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 437.
Redox-Transition from Irreversible to Reversible Vitamin C by Pore Confinement in Microporous Carbon Network
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022, 14 (32), 36557–36569.
In Situ Supramolecular Polymerization of Micellar Nanoobjects Induced by Polymerization
ACS Macro Letters 2022, 11 (1), 149–155.
Bi/BiFe(oxy)hydroxide for sustainable lattice oxygen-boosted electrocatalysis at a practical high current density
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2022, 317.
Hierarchically nanostructured 1D-2D flowerlike copper sulfide electrode for high-performance supercapacitor application by one-pot synthetic procedure
Applied Surface Science 2022, 578.
Geometrically versatile triboelectric yarn-based harvesters via carbon nanotubes-elastomer composites
Composites Science and Technology 2022, 219.
Energy level modulation of MoS 2 monolayers by halide doping for an enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022.
Synthesis of Benzazepinoindole Derivatives via a One-Pot Process of TiCl 4 -Catalyzed Indole Alkylation/Pictet-Spengler Cyclization
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2022, 11 (1).
Synthesis of catechol-conjugated chitosan and its application as an additive for cement mortar
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022, 43 (1), 83–87.
Base-mediated allylation of N-2,2,2-trifluoroethylisatin ketimines and its application in aza-Prins reactions
Tetrahedron Letters 2022, 88.
Rhodium(II)-Catalyzed Highly Selective 1,3-Insertion Reactions Using N-Sulfonyl-1,2,3-Triazoles with Heteroaryl Ethers or Heteroaryl Alcohols
Journal of Organic Chemistry 2022, 87 (11), 7253–7263.
Engineering Characteristics of Cement Composites Containing a Chitosan-Based Polymer and Steel Slag Aggregates
Polymers 2022, 14 (3).
Effect of Bio-Inspired Polymer Types on Engineering Characteristics of Cement Composites
Polymers 2022, 14 (9).
Quality by Design (QbD) application for the pharmaceutical development process
Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation 2022, 52 (6), 649–682.
Hyaluronan self-agglomerating nanoparticles for non-small cell lung cancer targeting
Cancer Nanotechnology 2022, 13 (1).
In Vitro–In Vivo Correlation of Tianeptine Sodium Sustained-Release Dual-Layer Tablets
Molecules 2022, 27 (9).
Studies on Preformulation and Formulation of JIN-001 Liquisolid Tablet with Enhanced Solubility
Pharmaceuticals 2022, 15 (4).
QbD Consideration for Developing a Double-Layered Tablet into a Single-Layered Tablet with Telmisartan and Amlodipine
Pharmaceutics 2022, 14 (2).
Development of Nafamostat Mesylate Immediate-Release Tablet by Drug Repositioning Using Quality-by-Design Approach
Pharmaceutics 2022, 14 (6).
Therapeutic Strategies for Ovarian Cancer in Point of HGF/c-MET Targeting
Medicina (Lithuania) 2022, 58 (5).
Design of less than 1 nm Scale Spaces on SnO 2 Nanoparticles for High-Performance Electrochemical CO 2 Reduction
Advanced Functional Materials 2022, 32 (8).
Spontaneously Induced Hierarchical Structure by Surface Energy in Novel Conjugated Polymer-Based Ultrafast-Response Organic Photodetectors
Advanced Optical Materials 2022, 10 (9).
Correction to: Enhancement of Catalytic Activity and Selectivity for the Gaseous Electroreduction of CO 2 to CO: Guidelines for the Selection of Carbon Supports (Advanced Sustainable Systems, (2021),
Advanced Sustainable Systems 2022, 6 (3).
Densely Packed Li-Metal Growth on Anodeless Electrodes by Li + -Flux Control in Space-Confined Narrow Gap of Stratified Carbon Pack for High-Performance Li-Metal Batteries
Advanced Science 2022.
Nano-Conductive Additive with Low Interfacial Energy Confining the Movement of Lithium Polysulfide Solution Enables Stable Reaction of Sulfur Electrode in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Batteries and Supercaps 2022, 5 (4).
Compensating the impurities on the Cu surface by MOFs for enhanced hydrocarbon production in the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide
Journal of Energy Chemistry 2022, 66, 68–73.
Origination of forced particle-void networks for superior electron and mass transfer in binder-free supercapacitors
Scripta Materialia 2022, 208.
Synthesis of flower-like manganese oxide for accelerated surface redox reactions on nitrogen-rich graphene of fast charge transport for sustainable aqueous energy storage
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022, 10 (14), 7668–7676.
Estimating the Permeability of the Ceramic Coating on Lithium-Ion Battery Separators via the Ideal Laminate Theory
Frontiers in Energy Research 2022, 10.
Thermoelectric Properties of Cu 2 Te Nanoparticle Incorporated N-Type Bi 2 Te 2.7 Se 0.3
Materials 2022, 15 (6).