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Recent papers

Device Performance of Emerging Photovoltaic Materials (Version 3)
Advanced Energy Materials 2023, 13 (1).
Antimicrobial Conjugated Oligoelectrolytes Containing Triphenylphosphonium Solubilizing Groups
Chemistry - A European Journal 2023.
An Unusual Fullerene–Carbene Adduct: Thermal Motion, Disorder, or Both?**
Helvetica Chimica Acta 2023.
Designer co-beta-peptide copolymer selectively targets resistant and biofilm Gram-negative bacteria
Biomaterials 2023, 294.
Bacteria-loaded graphene bioanode for renewable energy generation
Carbon 2023, 205, 33–39.
A broad-spectrum synthetic antibiotic that does not evoke bacterial resistance
EBioMedicine 2023, 89.
Water-soluble extracellular vesicle probes based on conjugated oligoelectrolytes
Science Advances 2023, 9 (2).
Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskite Superstructures for Ultrapure Green Emissions
Nanomaterials 2023, 13 (5).
Integrated interfacial design of covalent organic framework photocatalysts to promote hydrogen evolution from water
Nature Communications 2023, 14 (1).
Covalent organic frameworks
Nature Reviews Methods Primers 2023, 3 (1).
Hyperbranched nanocellulose enabling rapid boron removal from aqueous environment
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 454.
Plasma metallomics reveals potential biomarkers and insights into the ambivalent associations of elements with acute myocardial infarction
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 2023, 77.
Facile electrospray fabrication of ultralow biofouling cellulose acetate desalination membrane with nanocellulose/UiO66-NH 2 fillers
Journal of Membrane Science 2023, 666.
Hydroxyl-rich carbon nitride microspheres with carbon doping for visible-light driven photocatalytic degradation of endocrine disrupting chemicals
Materials Today Sustainability 2023, 22.
Nanogel for Selective Recognition of Nanoparticles in Water Samples
Chemosensors 2023, 11 (1).
Metal–Halide Perovskite Nanocrystal Superlattice: Self-Assembly and Optical Fingerprints
Advanced Materials 2023.
Flexible Perovskite X-Ray Detectors through Interfacial Modification with Perylene Diimide
Advanced Optical Materials 2023.
Low-Dose NIR-II Preclinical Bioimaging Using Liposome-Encapsulated Cyanine Dyes
Small 2023.
Remarkable luminescence regulation covering full visible wavelength range of zero-dimensional indium-based metal halides
Materials Today Chemistry 2023, 29.
Microscopic understanding of lithium defect on lanthanide luminescence in NaYF 4 lattices from first principles
Optical Materials: X 2023, 17.
An Oily Endeavor: Teaching Excitation-Emission Matrix Using the Fluorescence Fingerprints of Olive Oils
Journal of Chemical Education 2023, 100 (1), 178–185.
Magnetically Tunable Spontaneous Superradiance from Mesoscopic Perovskite Emitter Clusters
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2023, 14 (10), 2627–2634.
The rise of halide perovskite semiconductors
Light: Science and Applications 2023, 12 (1).
Controlling persistent luminescence in nanocrystalline phosphors
Nature Materials 2023, 22 (3), 289–304.
The fluorescence quenching mechanism of tetrazine-functionalized fluorogenic labels with integrated π-conjugations: internal conversion to a dark state
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 2023.
Molecular design of dual-emission rhodamine analogs
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 2023, 7 (6), 1137–1145.
Mass Production of Sulfur-Tuned Single-Atom Catalysts for Zn–Air Batteries
Advanced Materials 2023.
Structural Colors Based on Diamond Metasurface for Information Encryption
Advanced Optical Materials 2023.
Highly Efficient Sum-Frequency Generation in Niobium Oxydichloride NbOCl 2 Nanosheets
Advanced Optical Materials 2023.
An old kid in the block: 2D polymeric C 60
Science China Materials 2023, 66 (2), 836–0.
Engineering Single Atom Catalysts for Flow Production: From Catalyst Design to Reactor Understandings
Accounts of Materials Research 2023, 4 (1), 27–41.
Aminosilane Molecular Layer Enables Successive Capture-Diffusion-Deposition of Ions toward Reversible Zinc Electrochemistry
ACS Nano 2023, 17 (1), 668–677.
Pressure driven rotational isomerism in 2D hybrid perovskites
Nature Communications 2023, 14 (1).
Graphene oxide for photonics, electronics and optoelectronics
Nature Reviews Chemistry 2023.
Indirect-to-direct bandgap transition in layered metal halide perovskite - CsPb 2 Br 5
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2023, 11 (8), 4292–4301.
Light-induced phosphine-catalyzed asymmetric functionalization of benzylic C-H bonds
Science China Chemistry 2023, 66 (1), 127–132.
Photocatalytic coupling of electron-deficient alkenes using oxalic acid as a traceless linchpin
Chem 2023.
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy studies of antimicrobial peptide binding to phospholipid vesicles
Biophysical Journal 2023, 122 (3S1).
Facile Synthesis and Chiral Resolution of Expanded Helicenes with up to 35 cata-Fused Benzene Rings**
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023.
Multiplex Identification of Post-Translational Modifications at Point-of-Care by Deep Learning-Assisted Hydrogel Sensors
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023.
Biodegradable silica nanocapsules enable efficient nuclear-targeted delivery of native proteins for cancer therapy
Biomaterials 2023, 294.
Ugi reaction-assisted assembly of covalent PROTACs against glutathione peroxidase 4
Bioorganic Chemistry 2023, 134.
Targeting emerging cancer hallmarks by transition metal complexes: Cancer stem cells and tumor microbiome. Part I
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2023, 477.
Targeting Pathogenic Formate-Dependent Bacteria with a Bioinspired Metallo-Nitroreductase Complex
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023.
A DFT, TDDFT and QTAIM study of the acridine pincer ligand-based Ru(II) and Rh(III) complexes: detailed analysis of the metal-F bonding
Chemical Papers 2023, 77 (1), 47–61.
Symmetry-Broken Intermolecular Charge Separation of Cationic Radicals
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023.
Auranofin inhibits virulence pathways in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 2023, 79.
Depleting Cationic Lipids Involved in Antimicrobial Resistance Drives Adaptive Lipid Remodeling in Enterococcus faecalis
mBio 2023, 14 (1).
High Sensitivity Spin Defects in hBN Created by High-Energy He Beam Irradiation
Advanced Optical Materials 2023, 11 (1).
Laser-induced topological spin switching in a 2D van der Waals magnet
Nature Communications 2023, 14 (1).
Ultrathin quantum light source with van der Waals NbOCl 2 crystal
Nature 2023, 613 (7942), 53–59.
Transition Metal Pyrithione Complexes (Ni, Mn, Fe, and Co) as Electrocatalysts for Proton Reduction of Acetic Acid
ACS Omega 2023.
Ligand-enabled stereodivergence in nickel-catalyzed regioselective hydroboration of internal allenes
Chem 2023, 9 (1), 198–215.
Stereoelectronic Mapping of Dithiocarbamates and Xanthates
Inorganic Chemistry 2023, 62 (1), 295–303.
Stereoelectronic Profiling of Neutral and Monoanionic Biimidazoles and Mixed Diimines
Inorganic Chemistry 2023.
Versatile halogenation via a C NHC ^C sp3 palladacycle intermediate
Dalton Transactions 2023, 52 (8), 2223–2226.
Navigating the Site-Distinct Energy Conversion Properties of Perovskite Quantum Wells
ACS Energy Letters 2023.
A review on microplastic pollution research in India
Regional Studies in Marine Science 2023, 58.
Corrigendum to “Priorities to inform research on marine plastic pollution in Southeast Asia” [Sci. Total Environ. volume 841 (2022) Article 156704] (Science of the Total Environment (2022) 841, (S0048
Science of the Total Environment 2023, 857.
Understanding the aggregation, consumption, distribution and accumulation of nanoparticles of polyvinyl chloride and polymethyl methacrylate in Ruditapes philippinarum
Science of the Total Environment 2023, 871.
Metal-free radical difunctionalization of ethylene
Chem 2023, 9 (2), 472–482.
Photoinduced Defluorinative Branch-Selective Olefination of Multifluoro (Hetero)arenes
Organic Letters 2023.
Surface Water as an Initial Proton Source for the Electrochemical CO Reduction Reaction on Copper Surfaces
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023, 62 (3).
Surface charge as activity descriptors for electrochemical CO 2 reduction to multi-carbon products on organic-functionalised Cu
Nature Communications 2023, 14 (1).
Economical Access to Diverse Enantiopure Tetrahydropyridines and Piperidines Enabled by Catalytic Borrowing Hydrogen
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023, 62 (2).
Enantioselective Access to Triaryl-2-pyrones with Monoaxial or Contiguous C-C Diaxes via Oxidative NHC Catalysis
ACS Catalysis 2023.
A Photoinduced, Nickel-Catalyzed Reaction for the Stereoselective Assembly of C-Linked Glycosides and Glycopeptides
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023, 62 (5).
Sequence-controlled synthesis of rotaxanes
Journal of Polymer Science 2023.
Synthesis of bimetallic rhodium phosphinine complexes with enhanced catalytic activity towards alkyne hydrosilylation
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2023, 986.
Experimental and computational insights into the mechanism of FLP mediated selective C-F bond activation
Chemical Science 2023, 14 (5), 1291–1300.