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Recent papers

Cooperative combination of LIBS-based elemental analysis and near-infrared molecular fingerprinting for enhanced discrimination of geographical origin of soybean paste
Food Chemistry 2023, 399.
Screening of gall bladder cancer through infrared analysis of bile and examination of varied bile constituent composition by the disease
Spectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 2023, 286.
Semitransparent organic solar cells with light utilization efficiency of 4% using fused-cyclopentadithiophene based near-infrared polymer donor
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 452.
On the surface passivating principle of functional thiol towards efficient and stable perovskite nanocrystal solar cells
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 454.
Synthesis of a halogenated low bandgap polymeric donor for semi-transparent and near-infrared organic solar cells
Organic Electronics 2023, 113.
High mass-loading of nickel‑cobalt layered double hydroxide on 3D-printed electrode for cathode of asymmetric supercapacitor
Journal of Energy Storage 2023, 68.
Hierarchical packing of racemic metallosupramolecular cages with Ni(II)-based triple-stranded helicate building blocks
IUCrJ 2023, 10 (Pt 3), 321–328.
Morphology-controlled therapeutic activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles for mild traumatic brain injury
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2023.
Accurate detection of enzymatic degradation processes of gelatin–alginate microcapsule by 1 H NMR spectroscopy: Probing biodegradation mechanism and kinetics
Carbohydrate Polymers 2023, 304.
Room-Temperature-Processable Highly Reliable Resistive Switching Memory with Reconfigurability for Neuromorphic Computing and Ultrasonic Tissue Classification
Advanced Functional Materials 2023, 33 (14).
Visualization of oxygen storage process in Pd/CeO 2 -ZrO 2 three-way catalyst based on isotope quenching technique
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 453.
Neural-inspired artificial synapses based on low-voltage operated organic electrochemical transistors
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2023.
Exploring the use of butadiene rubbers as a binder in composite cathodes for all-solid-state lithium batteries
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2023, 122, 341–348.
Al 2 O 3 Ceramic/Nanocellulose-Coated Non-Woven Separator for Lithium-Metal Batteries
Coatings 2023, 13 (5).
Temperature-Controlled Pathway Complexity in Self-Assembly of Perylene Diimide-Polydiacetylene Supramolecule
Small 2023, 19 (18).
Colorimetric and fluorometric ammonia sensor based on protonated bipyridyl-containing polydiacetylene
Dyes and Pigments 2023, 215.
A photodynamic color sensor using diacetylene vesicles for the rapid visualization of singlet oxygen
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2023, 380.
A diaminotriazine-functionalized polydiacetylene for colorimetric sensing of thymine and oligothymidine
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2023, 390.
Development of Thermophysical Property Models for Aqueous Amino Acid Solutions
Chemical Engineering and Technology 2023.
Process design and optimization of single mixed-refrigerant processes with the application of deep reinforcement learning
Applied Thermal Engineering 2023, 223.
Optimization of site utility systems for renewable energy integration
Energy 2023, 269.
Design and economic evaluation of a novel amine-based CO 2 capture process for SMR-based hydrogen production plants
Journal of Cleaner Production 2023, 402.
Energetic and economic analysis of absorption-based CO 2 capture integrated hydrogen production processes – Retrofit perspective
Journal of Cleaner Production 2023, 405.
Techno-Economic Analysis of Succinic Acid Production from Sugar-Rich Wastewater
Energies 2023, 16 (7).
Autotrophic and mixotrophic culture of electro-active microalgae with electron supplied from electrodes for CO 2 conversion
Journal of Ceramic Processing Research 2023, 24 (1), 29–39.
Highly dispersed Pt–MnO x nanoclusters for the promoted activity of mesoporous Pt–MnO x –Al 2 O 3 in dehydrogenation of perhydro-benzyltoluene
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2023, 334.
Metal–support interface engineering of Ni catalysts for improved H 2 storage performance: Grafting alkyltriethoxysilane onto commercial alumina
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 469.
Tuning the isomer composition is a key to overcome the performance limits of commercial benzyltoluene as liquid organic hydrogen carrier
Journal of Energy Storage 2023, 60.
Potassium as the best alkali metal promoter in boosting the hydrogenation activity of Ru/MgO for aromatic LOHC molecules by facilitated heterolytic H 2 adsorption
Journal of Catalysis 2023, 419, 112–124.
Engineering pK a value of 3° amine for enhanced production of dialkyl carbonate via Se-catalyzed oxidative carbonylation
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2023, 123, 140–149.
Hydrogen-free carbon monoxide production through decomposition of formic acid over a HPW/TiO 2 catalyst
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2023, 123, 396–403.
A comprehensive analysis of biphasic reaction system for economical biodiesel production process
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2023, 173.
Lithography-Free Fabrication of Terahertz Chiral Metamaterials and Their Chirality Enhancement for Enantiomer Sensing
Advanced Optical Materials 2023.
All-in-one structured textile energy storage electrodes prepared via Janus bond assembly-induced electrodeposition
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 454.
Thermally Stable Biodegradable Polyesters with Camphor and Tartaric Acid Coupled Cyclic Diester Monomers for Controlled Hydrolytic Degradations
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2023, 5 (3), 1859–1870.
Synthesis of Linear Black Gold Nanostructures Processable as Sunlight and Low-Energy Light Collecting Films for Photo-Thermoelectricity
Advanced Science 2023, 10 (13).
Recent Advances in Electrochemical, Photochemical, and Photoelectrochemical Reduction of CO 2 to C 2+ Products
Small 2023.
Boosting solar-driven N 2 to NH 3 conversion using defect-engineered TiO 2 /CuO heterojunction photocatalyst
Applied Surface Science 2023, 620.
A Review of Transition Metal Nitride-Based Catalysts for Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction to Ammonia
Catalysts 2023, 13 (3).
Multifunctional Doping Strategy to Develop High-Performance Ni-Rich Cathode Material
Advanced Energy Materials 2023.
Intermolecular Interactions Mediated Nonflammable Electrolyte for High-Voltage Lithium Metal Batteries in Wide Temperature
Advanced Energy Materials 2023.
Non-Flammable Electrolyte Enables High-Voltage and Wide-Temperature Lithium-Ion Batteries with Fast Charging
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2023, 62 (8).
Long-lasting, reinforced electrical networking in a high-loading Li 2 S cathode for high-performance lithium–sulfur batteries
Carbon Energy 2023.
Optimization of molybdenum-doped Ni-rich layered cathodes for long-term cycling
Energy Storage Materials 2023, 59.
Lithium-ion batteries for low-temperature applications: Limiting factors and solutions
Journal of Power Sources 2023, 557.
Optimization of Ni-rich Li[Ni 0.92−x Co 0.04 Mn 0.04 Al x ]O 2 cathodes for high energy density lithium-ion batteries
Journal of Power Sources 2023, 564.
Microstructure- and Interface-Modified Ni-Rich Cathode for High-Energy-Density All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries
ACS Energy Letters 2023.
Long-Lasting Ni-Rich NCMA Cathodes via Simultaneous Microstructural Refinement and Surface Modification
ACS Energy Letters 2023, 8 (3), 1354–1361.
Advances in Solid-State Batteries, a Virtual Issue, Part II
ACS Energy Letters 2023.
Enhancement of selective NO 2 gas sensing via Xenon ion irradiation of ZnO nanoparticles
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2023, 374.
Room-temperature detection of acetone gas by PANI/NiO-loaded TiO 2 nanoparticles under UV irradiation
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2023, 374.
Synergistic effect between UV light and PANI/Co 3 O 4 content on TiO 2 composite nanoparticles for room-temperature acetone sensing
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2023, 375.
Highly selective NO 2 gas sensing with SnO 2 -Ti 3 C 2 T x nanocomposites synthesized via the microwave process
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2023, 375.
Exploration of Chemical Composition of In–Ga–Zn–O System via PEALD Technique for Optimal Physical and Electrical Properties
Advanced Electronic Materials 2023.
Atomic layer deposition for nanoscale oxide semiconductor thin film transistors: review and outlook
International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing 2023, 5 (1).
Enhancing the Moisture Stability and Electrochemical Performances of Li 6 PS 5 Cl Solid Electrolytes through Ga Substitution
Electrochimica Acta 2023, 441.
Investigating the Degradation of EUV Transmittance of an EUV Pellicle Membrane
Membranes 2023, 13 (1).
Light-induced crosslinking of perovskite nanocrystals for all-solution-processed electroluminescent devices
Applied Surface Science 2023, 608.
Synthesis of Thermally Stable and Highly Luminescent Cs 5 Cu 3 Cl 6 I 2 Nanocrystals with Nonlinear Optical Response
Small 2023.
Corrigendum to “Atomic layer deposition of titanium dioxide films using a metal organic precursor (C 12 H 23 N 3 Ti) and H 2 O (DI water)” [J. Alloy. Compd. 857 (2021) 157931] (Journal of Alloys and C
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2023, 931.
Controlling tin oxysulfide thin film compositions and electronic band structures using atomic layer deposition and vacuum annealing process
Thin Solid Films 2023, 769.
LaCERA: Layer-centric event-routing architecture
Neurocomputing 2023, 520, 46–59.
Flexible supercapacitor with superior length and volumetric capacitance enabled by a single strand of ultra-thick carbon nanotube fiber
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 453.
Dipole formation to modulate flatband voltage using ALD Al 2 O 3 and La 2 O 3 at the interface between HfO 2 and Si or Ge substrates
Applied Surface Science 2023, 609.
Area-selective atomic layer deposition of high-quality Ru thin films by chemo-selective adsorption of short alkylating agents
Materials Letters 2023, 333.
Heterogeneous grain size and enhanced hardness by precipitation of the BCC particles in medium entropy Fe–Ni–Cr alloys
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2023, 931.
In-situ TEM investigation of deformation mechanisms of twinning-induced plasticity steel
Materials Characterization 2023, 196.
Author Correction: Detection of acute thoracic aortic dissection based on plain chest radiography and a residual neural network (Resnet) (Scientific Reports, (2022), 12, 1, (21884), 10.1038/s41598-022
Scientific Reports 2023, 13 (1).
Data Augmentation Method for Plant Leaf Disease Recognition
Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 2023, 13 (3).
Thermal Stability and Degradation Properties of Aluminide Coated and Uncoated Ti-6Al-4V Alloys Exposed to High Temperature Flame
Metals and Materials International 2023.
Novel applications of ferroalloys for manufacturing of ultra-clean CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy by slagging method
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2023, 939.
Phase control of two-dimensional tin sulfide compounds deposited via atomic layer deposition
Applied Surface Science 2023, 612.
Polarization switching dynamics simulation by using the practical distribution of ferroelectric properties
Applied Physics Letters 2023, 122 (1).
Evaluation of V 2 O 5 Film-Based Electrochromic Device with Dry-Deposited Ion Storage Layer
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 2023, 24 (1), 119–128.
Fabrication of noble-metal-free copper-doped TiO 2 nanofibers synergized with acetic acid-treated g-C 3 N 4 nanosheets for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Applied Surface Science 2023, 607.
Robust artificial HfO 2 /PEDOT:PSS polarity layer for increasing stability of Li metal anodes
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2023, 939.
Effects of thickness on flexibility and thermoelectric performance of free-standing Ag 2 Se films
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2023.
On-site bioaerosol sampling and detection in microfluidic platforms
TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2023, 158.