대구경북과학기술원 (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, DGIST)

Recent papers

Synthesis of α-Borylmethyl-(E)-allylborons via Cu-Catalyzed Diboration of 1-Substituted Allenols and Their Application in Stereoselective Aldehyde Allylation
ACS Catalysis 2023.
An easily scalable, durable, and highly efficient three-dimensional solar evaporator inspired by a rice paddy field
Desalination 2023, 548.
Growth of delafossite CuAlO 2 single crystals in a reactive crucible
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 2023, 51 (2).
Single-Molecule Imaging of Membrane Proteins on Vascular Endothelial Cells
Journal of Lipid and Atherosclerosis 2023, 12 (1), 58–72.
Fine Control of Multiferroic Features of Nanoscale BiFeO 3 Powders Synthesized by Microwave-Assisted Solid-State Reaction
Electronic Materials Letters 2023.
Field-free spin-orbit torque switching of GdCo ferrimagnet with broken lateral symmetry by He ion irradiation
Acta Materialia 2023, 246.
Suspension rheology of polyaniline coated manganese ferrite particles under electric/magnetic fields
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2023, 656.
Precise Measurement of Grasping Force for Noncollaborative Infants
Advanced Materials Technologies 2023.
Strong conductivity enhancement of La-doped BaSnO 3 transparent films on Al 2 O 3 with the assistance of templated epitaxy for electromagnetic shielding in extreme environments
Nano Convergence 2023, 10 (1).
Phonon induced pseudospin rotation in graphene
Carbon 2023, 201, 425–432.
Strain-induced dark exciton generation in rippled monolayer MoS 2
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2023, 25 (14), 9894–9900.
Suppression of substrate-induced charge doping in hBN-encapsulated monolayer WS 2
Current Applied Physics 2023, 49, 115–119.
Phase-controlled 1T/2H-MoS 2 interaction with reduced TiO 2 for highly stable photocatalytic CO 2 reduction into CO
Journal of CO2 Utilization 2023, 67.
Reduced TiO 2 quantum dots/graphene for solar light driven CO 2 reduction into precisely controlled C 1 vs C 2 hydrocarbon products without noble Co-catalyst
Journal of Power Sources 2023, 556.
Zn substituted Li 4 P 2 S 6 as a solid lithium-ion electrolyte for all-solid-state lithium batteries
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2023, 320.
Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Amorphous Photocatalysts: Fundamental Hypotheses and Applications in CO 2 Photoreduction
Chemistry - A European Journal 2023.
Direct Observation of Off-Stoichiometry-Induced Phase Transformation of 2D CdSe Quantum Nanosheets
Advanced Science 2023.
Low temperature synthesis of new highly graphitized N-doped carbon for Pt fuel cell supports, satisfying DOE 2025 durability standards for both catalyst and support
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2023, 323.
Ecofriendly AgBiS 2 Nanocrystal Photoanode for Highly Efficient Visible-Light-Driven Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2023.
Magnesium: properties and rich chemistry for new material synthesis and energy applications
Chemical Society Reviews 2023.
Active and stable PtP 2 -based electrocatalysts solve the phosphate poisoning issue of high temperature fuel cells
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2023.
Ultrastable 2D material-wrapped copper nanowires for high-performance flexible and transparent energy devices
Nano Energy 2023, 106.
Effects of the surface ligands of quantum dots on the intaglio transfer printing process
Applied Surface Science 2023, 610.
AgNO 3 -preplanted Li metal powder electrode: Preliminary formation of lithiophilic Ag and a Li 3 N-rich solid electrolyte interphase
Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 452.
Tailoring grain boundary structures and chemistry of Li 7 La 3 Zr 2 O 12 solid electrolytes for enhanced air stability
Energy Storage Materials 2023, 54, 543–552.
Hybrid dual-stage flow-synthesis of eco-friendly ZnCuInSSe quantum dots for solar cells: Improvement in efficiency using inorganic ligand exchange
Journal of Power Sources 2023, 555.
Effect of oxygen flow rate on long-term and short-term Schottky barrier modulations in Pd/IGZO/SiO 2 /p + -Si memristors
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 2023, 153.
Photo-excited carrier transport and secondary phases of Na-engineered kesterite flexible thin films
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 2023, 250.
Electric-Field-Tunable Bandgaps in the Inverse-Designed Nanoporous Graphene/Graphene Heterobilayers
Advanced Electronic Materials 2022.
Multi-stimuli-engendered radical-anionic MOFs: Visualization of structural transformation upon radical formation
Chem 2022, 8 (7), 1993–2010.
Multiscale Isomerization of Magic-Sized Inorganic Clusters Chemically Driven by Atomic-Bond Exchanges
Chemistry of Materials 2022, 34 (21), 9527–9535.
Enhanced Reactivity of Magic-Sized Inorganic Clusters by Engineering the Surface Ligand Networks
Chemistry of Materials 2022.
Nonequilibrium Charge-Density-Wave Melting in 1T-TaS 2 Triggered by Electronic Excitation: A Real-Time Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Study
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2022, 13 (25), 5711–5718.
π-Stacks of radical-anionic naphthalenediimides in a metal-organic framework
Science Advances 2022, 8 (51).
Fluctuation magnetoconductivity in superconducting Ca 10 (Pt 4 As 8 )(Fe 2 As 2 ) 5 single crystal
Results in Physics 2022, 42.
Environmentally safe and renewable solar vapor generation device based on Prussian blue nanoparticles immobilized on cellulose nanofibers
Desalination 2022, 524.
Preparation of large Cu 3 Sn single crystal by Czochralski method
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 2022.
Robust Interlayer-Coherent Quantum Hall States in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Nano Letters 2022.
Magnetophoretic Micro-Distributor for Controlled Clustering of Cells
Advanced Science 2022, 9 (6).
The trajectory of bio-carriers in periodic energy landscape regulated by the multiple collision history in a magnetophoretic system
Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices 2022, 7 (4).
In-line monitoring of magnetic nanoparticles synthesis using reactor integrated on-chip magnetometer
Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices 2022, 7 (4).
Tuning rotational magnetization for high frequency magnetoimpedance in micro-patterned triangle spiral magnetic systems
Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices 2022, 7 (4).
Accurate measurement of pipe wall reduction: High-precision instrument and minimization of uncertainties
Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation 2022, 205.
Multi-deformable piezoelectric energy nano-generator with high conversion efficiency for subtle body movements
Nano Energy 2022, 97.
Tailoring matter orbitals mediated using a nanoscale topographic interface for versatile colloidal current devices
Materials Horizons 2022, 9 (9), 2353–2363.
Advances and key technologies in magnetoresistive sensors with high thermal stabilities and low field detectivities
APL Materials 2022, 10 (5).
Development of a Temperature Sensor Using Spin-Crossover Fe(pyrazine)[Pt(CN)4I] Nanoparticles
IEEE Magnetics Letters 2022.
Key points in the determination of the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction from asymmetric bubble domain expansion
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 2022.
Spin-polarized and possible pseudospin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy in kagome metal FeSn
Communications Physics 2022, 5 (1).
Solvent-mediated single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformation of metal–organic cage self-assembly
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022.
Rapid Cs + Capture via Multiple Supramolecular Interactions in Anionic Metal–Organic Framework Isomers
Inorganic Chemistry 2022, 61 (4), 1918–1927.
Bridging and Fixing Metal-Organic Cages
ACS Materials Letters 2022, 4 (11), 2388–2393.
Ti-Based porous materials for reactive oxygen species-mediated photocatalytic reactions
Chemical Communications 2022, 58 (5), 607–618.
Observation of reactions in single molecules/nanoparticles using light microscopy
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022.
Combinatorial selective synthesis and excitation experiments for quantitative analysis of effects of Au on a semiconductor photocatalyst
Chem 2022.
Two GPSes in a Ball: Deciphering the Endosomal Tug-of-War Using Plasmonic Dark-Field STORM
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2022, 2 (7), 1596–1603.
Adherens junctions organize size-selective proteolytic hotspots critical for Notch signalling
Nature 2022, 24 (12), 1739–1753.
Photocurrent response in few-layered ReS 2 devices with short and open circuits
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 2022, 80 (1), 53–58.
Quantum electron liquid and its possible phase transition
Nature Materials 2022, 21 (11), 1269–1274.
Impact of the gate geometry on adiabatic charge pumping in InAs double quantum dots
Nanoscale Advances 2022.
Strong electron-phonon coupling driven charge density wave states in stoichiometric 1T-VS 2 crystals
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2022, 10 (44), 16657–16665.
Improved spin–orbit torque induced magnetization switching efficiency by helium ion irradiation
Scientific Reports 2022, 12 (1).
Control of crystallization and magnetic properties of CoFeB by boron concentration
Scientific Reports 2022, 12 (1).
Role of the chiral spin configuration in field-free spin-orbit torque-induced magnetization switching by a locally injected spin current
Applied Physics Letters 2022, 120 (26).
The manipulations of surface anisotropy and interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction by an amorphized oxide Ta capping layer
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2022, 55 (43).
The role of Co 2+ cation addition in enhancing the AC heat induction power of (Co x Mn 1-x )Fe 2 O 4 superparamagnetic nanoparticles
Nanotechnology 2022, 33 (48).
Slater-Pauling behavior of interfacial magnetic properties of 3d transition metal alloy/Pt structures
Physical Review B 2022, 105 (6).
Catalytic Asymmetric Additions of Enol Silanes to In Situ Generated Cyclic, Aliphatic N-Acyliminium Ions
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2022, 61 (9).
Enantioselective halogenation via asymmetric phase-transfer catalysis
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022, 43 (7), 896–911.
One-pot sulfa-Michael addition reactions of disulfides using a pyridine-borane complex under blue light irradiation
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022, 43 (7), 951–954.
Meta-Selective C-H Functionalization of Arylsilanes Using a Silicon Tethered Directing Group
Organic Letters 2022.
Aliphatic and Aromatic C-H Bond Oxidation by High-Valent Manganese(IV)-Hydroxo Species
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2022, 144 (45), 20752–20762.
An All-Nanofiber-Based Substrate-Less, Extremely Conformal, and Breathable Organic Field Effect Transistor for Biomedical Applications
Advanced Functional Materials 2022.
Predominantly enhanced catalytic activities of surface protected ZnO nanorods integrated stainless-steel mesh structures: A synergistic impact on oxygen evolution reaction process
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 429.
Washable, stretchable, and reusable core–shell metal nanowire network-based electronics on a breathable polymer nanomesh substrate
Materials Today 2022.
Larger, flexible, and skin-mountable energy devices with graphene single layers for integratable, wearable, and health monitoring systems
Materials Today Chemistry 2022, 23.
Impact of shock waves on the physical and chemical properties of aligned zinc oxide structures grown over metal-sheets
Materials Today Chemistry 2022, 24.
Stable Correlated 4d 2 SrMoO 3 Films Epitaxially Coated on Al 2 O 3 for Electromagnetic Shielding and Transparent Conductors
Advanced Materials Interfaces 2022.
Vertically aligned nanocomposite films by self-assembled epitaxial nucleation for super-broadband transparent conductors
InfoMat 2022.
Stable Sn-doped In 2 O 3 films coated on Al 2 O 3 for infrared transparent and electromagnetic shielding conductors
Applied Surface Science 2022, 604.
Infrared Transparent and Electromagnetic Shielding Correlated Metals via Lattice-Orbital-Charge Coupling
Nano Letters 2022, 22 (16), 6573–6579.
Single-crystalline-level properties of ultrathin SrRuO 3 flexible membranes with wide and clean surface
npj Flexible Electronics 2022, 6 (1).
Multilayer WSe 2 /MoS 2 Heterojunction Phototransistors through Periodically Arrayed Nanopore Structures for Bandgap Engineering
Advanced Materials 2022, 34 (8).
Sub 100 nm resolution confocal focus-engineered coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy under non-degenerate pumping condition
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 2022, 158.
Gate-tunable quantum pathways of high harmonic generation in graphene
Nature Communications 2022, 13 (1).
Revealing Berry curvature of the unoccupied band in high harmonic generation
Physical Review B 2022, 106 (20).
Switchable Metal Sites in Metal–Organic Framework MFM-300(Sc): Lewis Acid Catalysis Driven by Metal–Hemilabile Linker Bond Dynamics
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2022, 61 (48).
Engineering Catalysis within a Saturated In(III)-Based MOF Possessing Dynamic Ligand-Metal Bonding
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022.
Crystalline hydrogen bonding of water molecules confined in a metal-organic framework
Communications Chemistry 2022, 5 (1).
Dynamic weak coordination bonding of chlorocarbons enhances the catalytic performance of a metal-organic framework material
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022, 10 (44), 23499–23508.
Synthesis of alkynamides through reaction of alkyl- or aryl-substituted alkynylaluminums with isocyanates
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2022, 20 (1), 139–151.
Covalent Networking of a Conjugated-Polymer Photocatalyst to Promote Exciton Diffusion in the Aqueous Phase for Efficient Hydrogen Production
Small Methods 2022.
Raman imaging of strained bubbles and their effects on charge doping in monolayer WS 2 encapsulated with hexagonal boron nitride
Applied Surface Science 2022, 604.
Electronic interaction between transition metal single-atoms and anatase TiO 2 boosts CO 2 photoreduction with H 2 O
Energy and Environmental Science 2022, 15 (2), 601–609.
Polarization-insensitive broadband omni-directional anti-reflection in ZnO nanoneedle array for efficient solar energy harvesting
Nanoscale Advances 2022, 4 (4), 1074–1079.
Selective photocatalytic CO 2 reduction to CH 4 over metal-free porous polyimide in the solid-gas mode
Chemical Communications 2022.
Bright and uniform light emission from stretchable, dual-channel energy conversion systems: Simultaneous harnessing of electrical and mechanical excitations
Applied Physics Reviews 2022, 9 (1).
Curved Frequency-Selective Surface on Hemispherical Dome for Wave Bandpass Filters
Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2022, 31 (6), 137–140.
Decaffeinated green tea extract as a nature-derived antibiotic alternative: An application in antibacterial nano-thin coating on medical implants
Food Chemistry 2022, 383.
Biocompatible CaTiO 3 -PVDF composite-based piezoelectric nanogenerator for exercise evaluation and energy harvesting
Nano Energy 2022, 102.
G-SNAP: A gelation-based single-step naked-eye assay platform mediated by biomarker-triggered enzymatic quinone tanning
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2022, 360.
Dialysis-derived urchin-like supramolecular assembly of tannic acid and paclitaxel with high porosity
Nanoscale 2022, 14 (4), 1363–1369.
Field-Free Switching of Magnetization by Tilting the Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy of Gd/Co Multilayers
Advanced Functional Materials 2022, 32 (26).
Electrical Manipulation of Oxygen Ion Migrations for the Voltage-Controlled Adjustment of Magnetic Anisotropy and Optimized Skyrmion Generations
Advanced Electronic Materials 2022, 8 (12).
Observation of magnetoconductivity with terahertz probes for ferromagnetic Fe films
Current Applied Physics 2022, 41, 81–85.
Tuning of oscillation modes by controlling dimensionality of spin structures
NPG Asia Materials 2022, 14 (1).
Temperature-dependent Scaling Behavior of Magnetic Hysteresis Loop of CoFeB/Pd Multilayer Film
Journal of Magnetics 2022, 27 (4), 341–346.
Colloidal Metal-Halide Perovskite Nanoplatelets: Thickness-Controlled Synthesis, Properties, and Application in Light-Emitting Diodes
Advanced Materials 2022, 34 (10).
Tuning the Coherent Propagation of Organic Exciton-Polaritons through Dark State Delocalization
Advanced Science 2022, 9 (18).
Direct observation of ultrafast singlet exciton fission in three dimensions
Nature Communications 2022, 13 (1).
Ultrafast exciton transport at early times in quantum dot solids
Nature Materials 2022.
Nanoscale chemical heterogeneity dominates the optoelectronic response of alloyed perovskite solar cells
Nature Nanotechnology 2022, 17 (2), 190–196.
A sulfone-based crystalline organic electrolyte for 5 V solid-state potassium batteries
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 443.
Bilayered Ca 0.28 V 2 O 5 ·H 2 O: High-Capacity Cathode Material for Rechargeable Ca-Ion Batteries and Its Charge Storage Mechanism
Chemistry of Materials 2022, 34 (4), 1491–1498.
New Class of Titanium Niobium Oxide for a Li-Ion Host: TiNbO 4 with Purely Single-Phase Lithium Intercalation
Chemistry of Materials 2022, 34 (2), 854–863.
Electrode Alignment: Ignored but Important Design Parameter in Assembling Coin-Type Full Lithium-Ion Cells
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2022, 169 (2).
Identification of organophosphate modifications by high-resolution mass spectrometry
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022, 43 (3), 444–449.
Comprehensive identification of VX-adducted plasma proteins using high-resolution mass spectrometry
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022.
Cntnap2-dependent molecular networks in autism spectrum disorder revealed through an integrative multi-omics analysis
Molecular Psychiatry 2022.
Proteogenomic landscape of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma in an Asian population reveals tumor cell-enriched and immune-rich subtypes
Nature Cancer 2022.
Decreased in vivo glutamate/GABA ratio correlates with the social behavior deficit in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorder
Molecular Brain 2022, 15 (1).
RNA-sequencing and mass-spectrometry proteomic time-series analysis of T-cell differentiation identified multiple splice variants models that predicted validated protein biomarkers in inflammatory dis
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 2022, 9.
Investigation of the Hydrogen Sulfide Signaling Pathway in Schwann Cells during Peripheral Nerve Degeneration: Multi-Omics Approaches
Antioxidants 2022, 11 (8).
Lipid N-formylation Occurs During Fixation with Formalin
Mass Spectrometry Letters 2022, 13 (2), 35–40.
Comparative Sample Preparation Methods for a Label-Free Proteomic Analysis
Mass Spectrometry Letters 2022, 13 (4), 184–188.
Dynamic Ionic Transport Actuated by Nanospinbar-Dispersed Colloidal Electrolytes Toward Dendrite-Free Electrodeposition
Advanced Functional Materials 2022.
Synthesis, properties and electrochemical characteristics of SiNPs/CNT/rGO composite films for the anode material of Li ion batteries
Applied Nanoscience (Switzerland) 2022.
Wide temperature cycling of Li-metal batteries with hydrofluoroether dilution of high-concentration electrolyte
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 427.
Malonatophosphate as an SEI- and CEI-forming additive that outperforms malonatoborate for thermally robust lithium-ion batteries
Energy Storage Materials 2022, 50, 75–85.
Dynamic Water Promotes Lithium-Ion Transport in Superconcentrated and Eutectic Aqueous Electrolytes
ACS Energy Letters 2022, 7 (1), 189–196.
Three-dimensional network of nitrogen-doped carbon matrix-encapsulated Si nanoparticles/carbon nanofibers hybrids for lithium-ion battery anodes with excellent capability
Scientific Reports 2022, 12 (1), 16002–0.
Quantum Dots, Passivation Layer and Cocatalysts for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production
ChemSusChem 2022.
Single-Atom Catalysts (SACs) for Photocatalytic CO 2 Reduction with H 2 O: Activity, Product Selectivity, Stability, and Surface Chemistry
Small 2022.
Activity, selectivity, and stability of earth-abundant CuO/Cu 2 O/Cu 0 -based photocatalysts toward CO 2 reduction
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 429.
Two-dimensional metal carbides for electro- and photocatalytic CO 2 reduction: Review
Journal of CO2 Utilization 2022, 55.
Nanoarchitectonics of Metal-Free Porous Polyketone as Photocatalytic Assemblies for Artificial Photosynthesis
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022, 14 (1), 771–783.
Facile and Scalable Synthetic Route to Highly Crystalline β-Sb Nanoparticles and Their Hybrids with Inorganic Nanosheets
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society 2022, 66 (4), 265–268.
Plasticized PVC-Gel Single Layer-Based Stretchable Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Harvesting Mechanical Energy and Tactile Sensing
Advanced Science 2022.
Piezo/Triboelectric Effect Driven Self-Powered Gas Sensor for Environmental Sensor Networks
Energy Technology 2022.
Toxic micro/nano particles removal in water via triboelectric nanogenerator
Nano Energy 2022, 100.
Electrostatic discharge prevention system via body potential control based on a triboelectric nanogenerator
Nano Energy 2022, 103.
Control of the Biodegradability of Piezoelectric Peptide Nanotubes Integrated with Hydrophobic Porphyrin
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022.
Effects of biomimetic cross-sectional morphology on the piezoelectric properties of BaTiO 3 nanorods-contained PVDF fibers
Nano Energy 2022, 97.
Preparation of Side-By-Side Bicomponent Fibers Using Bio Polyol Based Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and TPU/Polylactic Acid Blends
Fibers 2022, 10 (11).
Synthesis of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes Containing Bio-Based Polyester Polyol and Their Fiber Property
Polymers 2022, 14 (10).
Editorial overview: Hot topic: Emerging Opinions (2022) New generation electrochemists make a big impact
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2022, 36.
Injectable hyaluronic acid hydrogel encapsulated with Si-based NiO nanoflower by visible light cross-linking: Its antibacterial applications
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2022, 208, 149–158.
Strained Pt(221) Facet in a PtCo@Pt-Rich Catalyst Boosts Oxygen Reduction and Hydrogen Evolution Activity
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022, 14 (22), 25246–25256.
Intracellular NO Delivery by Si-Based Ni Composite Nanoflowers
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2022.
Development of high-energy non-aqueous lithium-sulfur batteries via redox-active interlayer strategy
Nature Communications 2022, 13 (1).
Progress in electrode and electrolyte materials: path to all-solid-state Li-ion batteries
Energy Advances 2022.
Biocompatible Core–Shell-Structured Si-Based NiO Nanoflowers and Their Anticancer Activity
Pharmaceutics 2022, 14 (2).
Side-chain engineering of regioregular copolymers for high-performance polymer solar cells processed with nonhalogenated solvents
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2022.
Simple, Fast, and Scalable Reverse-Offset Printing of Micropatterned Copper Nanowire Electrodes with Sub-10 μm Resolution
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022, 14 (4), 5807–5814.
Impact of Aryl End Group Engineering of Donor Polymers on the Morphology and Efficiency of Halogen-Free Solvent-Processed Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022, 14 (8), 10616–10626.
High-Quality Microprintable and Stretchable Conductors for High-Performance 5G Wireless Communication
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022, 14 (47), 53250–53260.
A Molecular-Switch-Embedded Organic Photodiode for Capturing Images against Strong Backlight
Advanced Materials 2022.
Effect of Bulky Atom Substitution on Backbone Coplanarity and Electrical Properties of Cyclopentadithiophene-Based Semiconducting Polymers
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2022, 43 (4).
Effect of phosphorylation of protamine-like cationic peptide on the binding affinity to DNA
Biophysical Journal 2022.
Hard-Cation-Soft-Anion Ionic Liquids for PEDOT:PSS Treatment
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2022, 126 (7), 1615–1624.
Narrow-Wide Copolymer for Strong Red-Color-Selective Absorption
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2022, 126 (29), 12230–12237.
Protic Ionic Liquids for Intrinsically Stretchable Conductive Polymers
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2022.
Electrochemical Reduction of Nitric Oxide with 1.7% Solar-to-Ammonia Efficiency Over Nanostructured Core-Shell Catalyst at Low Overpotentials
Advanced Science 2022.
Accelerated N 2 reduction kinetics in hybrid interfaces of NbTiO 4 and nitrogen-doped carbon nanorod via synergistic electronic coupling effect
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2022, 304.
Self-supported iron-doped nickel sulfide as efficient catalyst for electrochemical urea and hydrazine oxidation reactions
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2022.
Electrodeposition of self-supported transition metal phosphides nanosheets as efficient hydrazine-assisted electrolytic hydrogen production catalyst
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2022.
Binder-free P-doped Ni-Se nanostructure electrode toward highly active and stable hydrogen production in wide pH range and seawater
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2022, 916.
Active material crossover suppression with bi-ionic transportability by an amphoteric membrane for Zinc–Bromine redox flow battery
Journal of Power Sources 2022, 540.
Impact of urea-based deep eutectic solvents on Mg-MOF-74 morphology and sorption properties
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2022, 343.
Highly Active and Durable NiCoSeP Nanostructured Electrocatalyst for Large-Current-Density Hydrogen Production
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2022, 5 (3), 2937–2948.
RuFe Alloy Nanoparticle-Supported Mesoporous Carbon: Efficient Bifunctional Catalyst for Li-O 2 and Zn-Air Batteries
ACS Catalysis 2022, 12 (3), 1718–1731.
Porous gC 3 N 4 -Gd 2 Zr 2 O 7 enables the high-temperature operation of Nafion membranes in polymer electrolyte fuel cells over 500 hours
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022.
Nickel nanoparticles wrapped in N-doped carbon nanostructures for efficient electrochemical reduction of NO to NH 3
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022, 10 (12), 6470–6474.
A zwitterionic composite membrane for a high-performance zinc/bromine flowless battery
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022.
Alkaline water splitting by metal-chalcogenide-based electrocatalysts
Catalytic Science Series 2022, 22, 179–204.
An Asymmetry Field-Effect Phototransistor for Solving Large Exciton Binding Energy of 2D TMDCs
Advanced Materials 2022, 34 (7).
Room-Temperature Spray Deposition of Large-Area SnO 2 Electron Transport Layer for High Performance, Stable FAPbI 3 -Based Perovskite Solar Cells
Small Methods 2022, 6 (2).
Multiple-Route Exciton Recombination Dynamics and Improved Stability of Perovskite Quantum Dots by Plasmonic Photonic Crystal
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2022, 13 (22), 5040–5048.
Graphite–Silicon Diffusion-Dependent Electrode with Short Effective Diffusion Length for High-Performance All-Solid-State Batteries
Advanced Energy Materials 2022, 12 (3).
Separator Dependency on Cycling Stability of Lithium Metal Batteries Under Practical Conditions
Energy and Environmental Materials 2022.
Highly improved thermal stability of the ceramic coating layer on the polyethylene separator via chemical crosslinking between ceramic particles and polymeric binders
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 433.
Understanding the effects of diffusion coefficient and exchange current density on the electrochemical model of lithium-ion batteries
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2022, 34.
Electrolyte-free graphite electrode with enhanced interfacial conduction using Li + -conductive binder for high-performance all-solid-state batteries
Energy Storage Materials 2022, 49, 481–492.
All-solid-state hybrid electrode configuration for high-performance all-solid-state batteries: Comparative study with composite electrode and diffusion-dependent electrode
Journal of Power Sources 2022, 518.
Statistical and computational analysis for state-of-health and heat generation behavior of long-term cycled LiNi 0.8 Co 0.15 Al 0.05 O 2 /Graphite cylindrical lithium-ion cells for energy storage appl
Journal of Power Sources 2022, 529.
All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries: Li + -Conducting Ionomer Binder for Dry-Processed Composite Cathodes
ACS Energy Letters 2022, 7 (3), 1092–1100.
Simulation Study on Internal Short Circuits in a Li-Ion Battery Depending on the Sizes, Quantities, and Locations of Li Dendrites
Frontiers in Materials 2022, 9.
Upgrading the Properties of Ceramic-Coated Separators for Lithium Secondary Batteries by Changing the Mixing Order of the Water-Based Ceramic Slurry Components
Batteries 2022, 8 (7).
A New Perspective on the Advanced Microblade Cutting Method for Reliable Adhesion Measurement of Composite Electrodes
Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology 2022, 13 (2), 227–236.
Key Factors Affecting the Stability of CsPbI 3 Perovskite Quantum Dot Solar Cells: A Comprehensive Review
Advanced Materials 2022.
High-Performance Perovskite Quantum Dot Solar Cells Enabled by Incorporation with Dimensionally Engineered Organic Semiconductor
Nano-Micro Letters 2022, 14 (1).
Single-step-fabricated perovskite quantum dot photovoltaic absorbers enabled by surface ligand manipulation
Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 448.
A small-molecule-templated nanostructure back electrode for enhanced light absorption and photocurrent in perovskite quantum dot photovoltaics
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2022.
Dynamics of Polymer Nanocapsule Buckling and Collapse Revealed by In Situ Liquid-Phase TEM
Langmuir 2022, 38 (23), 7168–7178.
Rapid one-pot synthesis of magnetically separable Fe 3 O 4 -Pd nanocatalysts: a highly reusable catalyst for the Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reaction
Dalton Transactions 2022.
Materials and design strategies for stretchable electroluminescent devices
Nanoscale Horizons 2022.
Integration of synaptic phototransistors and quantum dot light-emitting diodes for visualization and recognition of UV patterns
Science Advances 2022, 8 (41).
Ultrahigh-resolution full-color perovskite nanocrystal patterning for ultrathin skin-attachable displays
Science Advances 2022, 8 (43).
Effects of Mono- and Bifunctional Surface Ligands of Cu–In–Se Quantum Dots on Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production
Materials 2022, 15 (17).
Supramolecular Engineering of Amorphous Porous Polymers for Rapid Adsorption of Micropollutants and Solar-Powered Volatile Organic Compounds Management
Advanced Materials 2022.
Mildly oxidized porous covalent triazine frameworks with rapid and high adsorption capability for aqueous organic micropollutants
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2022, 116, 250–256.
Structural and Chemical Evolutions of Li/Electrolyte Interfaces in Li-Metal Batteries: Tracing Compositional Changes of Electrolytes under Practical Conditions
Advanced Science 2022.
Highly Reversible Cycling of Zn-MnO 2 Batteries Integrated with Acid-Treated Carbon Supportive Layer
Small Methods 2022, 6 (2).
Bifunctional role of carbon nanofibrils within Li powder composite anode: More Li nucleation but less Li isolation
Electrochimica Acta 2022, 430.
Metal-organic framework derived porous structures towards lithium rechargeable batteries
EcoMat 2022.
Visible Light Driven Ultrasensitive and Selective NO 2 Detection in Tin Oxide Nanoparticles with Sulfur Doping Assisted by l-Cysteine
Small 2022, 18 (12).
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